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Red Chairs

122nd State Convention
and Business Meeting

April 26, 27, 28,2024

Antlers Hotel

4 South Cascade

Colorado Springs, CO  80903


Deadline For Registration is 21 April 2024.
Ladies, we've saved a seat just for you!
Order of Business
Please keep these dates top-of-mind!
• By-law Comments Due: March 15, 2024.
Current by-laws are available on our website. 
• State Officer Nominations Due:
March 30, 2024. Please consider volunteering.
If your Auxiliary has not had a state officer in the last 4-5 
years, please plan to volunteer.
• Charity of the Year Nominations:
March 30, 2024, more details are coming in the convention packet on Feb 1.
• Auxiliary Dues/Rosters/Change for Charities:
April 1, 2024, or if you prefer, bring them to the business meeting on April 27. More details coming in the convention packet on Feb 1.
• Delegate Names:
April 1, 2024
• Convention Registration/Luncheon Registration:
April 10.
Register on the Knights Website (see the registration link above).
• Baskets for Drawings:
April 27, 2024, during Entertainment Time. 
Please plan to donate a basket.
Convention Packet #2 is here!
Activities: Lunch with the Knights
Business Meetings (all delegates attend)
Ladies Reception
Guest Speaker
Gift basket drawing!
Fundraising items on sale in the registration table and at the reception

Auxiliary Events

Sherry Anne Weddell, Catherine of Siena Institute, to speak at the 122nd State Convention. The Trinity Ladies Auxiliary hosted their annual Valentine's fundraiser. The Klasinski family received the Knights of Columbus Family of the Year Award.  On Feb. 10, Our Lady of Loretto Auxiliary held its Madi Gra dinner dance and casino night, with Pam Jenkins dealing blackjack. Rosalyn Klasinski & Carol Bellez at St. Francis of Assisi Fish Fry.  Trinity also held the annual Bake & Craft Sale. Send us your latest auxiliary event pictures and we will post them on the website.                         HOME                  

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