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News & Events:
122nd State Convention and Business Meeting

26, 27, 28, April 2024

Antlers Hotel

4 South Cascade

Colorado Springs, CO  80903


Deadline For Registration is 21 April 2024.
Ladies, we've saved a seat just for you!
Delivering Package

NEWS & EVENTS (CSLA Convention Packet 1)


    • By-law Comments Due:  March 15, 2024

    • State Officer Nominations Due:  March 30, 2024

    • Charity of the Year Nominations:  March 30, 2024

    • Auxiliary Dues/Rosters/Change for Charities: April 1, 2024, or if you prefer to bring to the business meeting on April 27

    • Delegate Names:  April 1, 2024

    • Convention Registration/ Luncheon Registration:  April 10

    • Convention: April 26 – April 28, 2024

    • Baskets for Drawings:  April 27, 2024, during Entertainment Time



Colorado State Deputy Butch Enderle is inviting all ladies to attend the State Convention. Registration deadline is April 10. Please register using the following website to register for any of the events – including luncheons:   

Knights of Columbus State Convention Registration

You are encouraged to register via the Knights website. You will be asked to enter a member number - this is for the Knights. If you are not attending with a Knight, use member number 123456. Please note- even if you are only attending the meeting on Saturday, we NEED you to register online to assure the hotel has good numbers for lunch.


Mary Staples, CSLA President




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